An iPhone and an iPad lean against a bottle of orange juice
  • Step 1

    Simply download the free 'scan & splat' app from the App Store to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch*

    App Store icon featuring Ozzie Orange Download App
  • Step 2

    Scan the front of a Jucee bottle or carton to watch the characters come to life. If you don't have any Jucee, don’t worry. Simply click the download button, choose your flavour, then print your scannable label.

  • Step 3

    Tap the Jucee characters, start splatting and see how quickly you can fill your screen!

    Happy anthropomorphic fruit
  • A bottle of Jucee-branded apple and blackcurrant juice
  • A bottle of Jucee-branded orange juice
  • A bottle of Jucee-branded summer fruits juice
  • A bottle of Jucee-branded orange, lemon and pineapple juice
  • A bottle of Jucee-branded cherries and berries juice
  • A carton of Jucee-branded apple juice
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