New characters feature on Jucee products

Posted: 29/11/2018

In 2011, three cartoon characters appeared on packs of Jucee 100% pure juice. These characters were Ozzie Orange, Archie Apple and Peggy Pineapple. Now, in 2013, the original three characters have been updated, moving from two dimensional cartoons to computer generated characters which look far more realistic. Ozzie, Archie and Peggy have been joined by a whole gang of fruits, who will also now appear in the range of Jucee fruit drinks. The new characters are Charlie Cherry, Rosie Raspberry, Suzi Strawberry, Lizzie Lemon, Barry Blackcurrant and Luigi Lime. Each character has its own information page on the Jucee website and will appear in TV adverts and on packs of selected Jucee drinks in a shop near you.

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