New flavours and new larger packs of Jucee 100% pure juice

Posted: 29/11/2018

Back in 2011, Jucee introduced 3 flavours of 100% pure juice in small cartons, each with a straw, and perfectly sized for lunchboxes.

These three flavours were 100% pure Orange, 100% pure Apple and 100% pure Pineapple. The good news is that sales have been really encouraging, children love the fun pack designs and great tasting juice, and parents appreciate the fact that their children are drinking pure fruit juice.

Building on this success, Jucee is now taking its 100% pure juices into family sized, 1 litre cartons, so children and parents can enjoy Jucee at all times of the day.

Jucee 100% pure juices are available in family sized, 1litre cartons in Orange and Apple flavours.

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